Song3 BeAT's in curly cherry with light brown dye and light burst edges - SOLD

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This is a pair of Song3 BeAT's.  The veneer is cury cherry with a light brown dye.  There are also light burst edges as well.

Here are some pictures...

And a close-up...

They are available for immediate delivery at $5295 plus shipping.

- Jim
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Ace Deprave

Those look great!


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Beautiful speakers!


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As always Jim and team, beautiful speakers and am sure they sound just as beautiful!


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I bought the BeAT's in the link below and am so happy that I did.  They sound amazing and we enjoy them every day. 

Plus, the finish is absolutely top notch.  Even my wife was wow'd by how beautiful they are and still feels the same to this day.

If someone has been eyeing the BeAT's, this really is a great chance to avoid the wait time and have amazing speakers in-home, within a few weeks.  I was originally wanting to choose my own finish but don't regret having gone the 'immediately available' route instead. 

Now, excuse me while I go give them their daily dusting.  :D


Those were my ‘old’ speakers.  Glad you like them!


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Absolutely do, thank you.

I don't think you can go wrong with the BeAT's as they are a nice sweet spot when it comes to performance vs. price that is reasonably attainable for those looking for 'better' speakers.  Of course, you can probably say the same thing for all Salk speakers regardless of what your budget is.  :lol:



I have a pair of original song 3's such a great speaker. I can only imagine how good the Beats are though.

Cheers rod