Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) - weird, would you expect anything less?

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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is a parody of a parody. A little uneven but with plenty of laugh out loud moments and an abundance of giggles and smiles. The film is the life story of Al Yankovic, starting in childhood up to his winning an award for "The best accordion player in an extremely specific genre of music". Even the end credits and closing song are funny, you just have to stay until the very end.

The inspiration for Al's first official single "My Bologna"

There are numerous cameos, some are recognizable, some not. Doctor Demento's (Rainn Wilson) pool party is outrageous, Baby Boomers and Gen X will find it hilarious, Gen Z will be confused. See if you can spot Jack Black and Conan O'Brien. The NY Times has a list of all the celebs

Weird Al (himself) plays Tony Scotti, a record executive who insults himself (Daniel Radcliff as Weird Al)

Will Forte of Saturday Night Live and the McGruber films is Ben Scotti doing one of the best wild insult rants ever put on film calling Al "a stupid useless parasite".

Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld, Kajillionaire, The Wrestler, True Blood) is a perfect doppelganger for Madonna

Adult fun for the kids in all of us

85% on RT

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