Servo Sub Question

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Servo Sub Question
« on: 12 Nov 2022, 11:22 pm »
So I was looking at the Sub Kits from GR Research and they all come with Rythmik amps.  What is the difference in the Subs that Rhythmik makes and the kits from GR Research.  I realize the H frame open baffle are different but what about the other sealed subs?


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Re: Servo Sub Question
« Reply #1 on: 12 Nov 2022, 11:35 pm »
It comes down to the materials used and how the cabinet is built.
Our woofers use a custom paper cone that is lighter than the standard allowing it to be a little faster than the standard woofers.

The F12G is essentially our subwoofer using our custom woofer and the standard A370PEQ amplifier. Though the cabinet construction is a little bit different  with the F12G, using cross bracing and our cabinet plans/flat pack using a series of circular braces.