BMR Monitor in Tower Configuration - SOLD

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BMR Monitor in Tower Configuration - SOLD
« on: 28 Oct 2022, 06:17 pm »
This is a pair of BMR Monitors. Here is the story...

We had been building BMR Monitors for quite a few years now.  When Dennis introduced is BMR Tower, a customer ordered a pair.

The guys in the shop were not familiar with this new model and thought it was a normal BMR Monitor in a cabinet that went all the way to the ground.  In other words, the sides, front and back went beyond the base of the monitors all the way to the ground. 

Everything is the same (internal volume, crossover, drivers, etc.).  They take up the same floor space as monitors on stands, but obviously don't require stands.  If someone would want to fill the lower cavity with sand or shot, we can add a small port into the lower (empty) chamber.

The speakers were done in curly cherry with a rose-red dye and darker (burst) edges.

Here is a picture...

This pair is available now for $2995, plus shipping.

- Jim
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