Veracity HT2-TL's in stunning Brazilian Rosewood - SOLD

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This is a pair of Veracity HT2-TL's done in a gorgeous Brazilian rosewood. 

There has been a ban on logging Brazilian rosewood for many years.  Available veneer lots are from pre-ban logs and are in very short supply.  The supply is so short, we don't envision ever being able to produce speakers with this veneer again.  So this is definitely a "one-of-a-kind" speaker no one else will likely ever be able to purchse.

Here are some pictures...

And a close-up...

If it were possible to build this pair today, it would run at least $6500 (probablay more depending on the current cost of Brazilian rosewood).

This pair is available at the standard price of $5195 and can be shipped in short order.

- Jim
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