The Amish 2 channel special, a Two-channel Audio System by etcarroll

2 channel 2011
Room Size
nominal 16'x20', but open to entire first floor.
System Overview
Trying to put together the best 'value' system I can via judicious purchase of used components.
Music Preferences
Rock, jazz and now - Classical.
Room Description
Wide open 1st floor of a McMansion.
Acoustic Treatment
diy panels, 2 panels of aprox 3'x5'x6", made with 4" mineral board (I believe it is 8lb density) and 2" mineral wool placed on a hardboard and wrapped with poly batting and burlap and stapled in the back.
Listening Impressions
Getting there.............
Media Storage
3 Ikea Expedit 8 opening bookshelves for vinyl.
Digital Source
Rega Apollo cdp, Sherwood 871 multi-player for SACD, EE Minimax DAC with Mullard NOS tube for Touch.
Analog Source
VPI Super ScoutMaster w/DynaVector 20x2-l cartridge and VPI phono leads - backup is Denon DP-52 with Ortofon MC 25E mc cartridge, E.A.R. 834P Signature phono pre. and Telefunken smooth-plate NOS tubes.
Other Sources
WHS server feeding SB Touch and EE Minimax DAC.
Purity One (Preproduction unit) with Telefunken smooth-plate NOS tubes.
Power Amp
Classe Twenty Five with TWL 7+.
Vandersteen 3A Signature
Speaker Cable
Audioquest Slate biwires.
WyWires - cdp, Clarity Labs Harvest II - SACD, Noble Sound Labs, AudioQuest Golden Gate phono-pre to pre, Audioquest, pre to amp 2M pair of Audioquest Sidewinder
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs 7+ feeding PS Quintet and TWL 12+ feeding dac, WyWire Juice 2 at Ear 834
main - Cambre Timbre 4 rack with Adona Large Brass Gold Cones and vibrapods. Ginko 11 tt platform on HVAC anti-vibration pads.
Power Cond
PS Audio Quintet and Leviton hospital grade wall outlet.
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's Hal-o Teflon 9 tube dampers,
Other Components
VPI 16.5 record cleaning system and hand steamer.