Who are your top song writers

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Who are your top song writers
« on: 22 Dec 2019, 01:40 pm »
This list is very subjective. I've listed mine but I totally left out classical, prog and jazz. These are mostly well known people that I tend to enjoy. You list will probably be very different. No particular order within a tier.

Tier 1
Lennon/McCartney - they were never as good apart as they were together so I'm counting them as one
Paul Simon
Elton John
Billy Joel
James Taylor

Tier 2
Steven Stills
Don Henley
Bruce Springsteen
Cat Stevens
Joni Mitchell

Tier 3
John Fogerty
Kenny Loggins
Pete Townsend
Kevin Gilbert

Tier 4
Roger Waters
Billy Gibbons
Donald Fagen
Stevie Wonder
Van Morrison


Re: Who are your top song writers
« Reply #1 on: 22 Dec 2019, 03:15 pm »
In alphabetical order, some of my top writers:

Bryan Ferry
Neil Finn
Lisa Gerrard / Brendan Perry ( Dead Can Dance )  As you mentioned with Lennon / McCartney, I prefer their strengths together as opposed to individually.
Rickie Lee Jones
James McMurtry
Christine McVie
Joni Mitchell
Cat Power
Patti Smith
Tom Waits


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Re: Who are your top song writers
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wow - you guys need to hear about this new dude making the rounds....his name is Dylan or something.