Just A Lucky Guy Sometimes

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Just A Lucky Guy Sometimes
« on: 30 Jan 2024, 10:21 pm »
Good afternoon

This is in part an introduction to the group and a thanks as I've been scouring the circle finding nuggets of information and advice from everyone.

I am lucky to know Lou from studying martial arts not high-end audio. We beat on each other and tossed each other around the mats for years before finding out his vocation. I've worked with him at the last two Pacific Audiofests. As most acknowledge, Lou is an amazing person in addition to making world-class speakers. I'm blessed to call him a friend.

Well, I paid attention and listened and compared and asked questions. I now am a very proud owner of am early pair of Apollo 11's in addition to a ModWright KWA150 SE, Parasound P5 pre and Musical Fidelity M3X DAC. It all sounds incredible, far beyond anything I could have ever hoped to assemble. Although Lou has already said I need a pair of LTA Ultralinear + amps but that will have to wait until I've recovered from this buying spree.

Next week I drop off the Apollo's for a mid-range upgrade and a refinish. I truly a very lucky guy.



Re: Just A Lucky Guy Sometimes
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Welcome!  Your system "sounds" very nice indeed.