Talk about class!

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Talk about class!
« on: 12 Dec 2022, 05:53 pm »
This is a little off-topic, but I don't own Daedalus speakers yet I recently contacted Lou for some advice on a DIY project. He was extraordinarily helpful, forthcoming, and welcoming...way more than anyone had a right to expect.
Daedalus gear owners can feel 100% confident in the character of the man behind the company and the products!

Phil A

Re: Talk about class!
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I know exactly what you mean - these WANTED posters are all over the West


Re: Talk about class!
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Thanks for posting. As one who has owned Daedalus speakers for more than 16 years (my Apollo 11s are my third model), I know you speak the truth. Lou is not only a high character person who happens to design and build great speakers, he is a great, caring friend. You can go to the bank on his audio advice (and I have many times :thumb:).


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Re: Talk about class!
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Couldn't agree more!

Met Lou way back at the first RMAF and was lucky enough to witness his outstanding guitar playing!   :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

Every other time I have interacted with him over the years has been an absolute pleasure!!


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Re: Talk about class!
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Awww, you guys...... :oops:


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Re: Talk about class!
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Lou and his company are what make this hobby fun.