Has anyone tried stacking Maggie's?

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Re: Has anyone tried stacking Maggie's?
« Reply #20 on: 3 Sep 2013, 12:34 pm »
Martin Logan are out because they all sound wrong to my ear (I have not heard the newest ones, but they use the same panel, so...) .... Janszen I heard at THE show in June, but I guess I did not get a good enough listen... But I like the huge/tall sound of large panels.....

GT audio works.... I have seen some pics.... But don't know if they are worth thing to listen too... Any opinions? Do they have a tall/big sound to them?

     The GT audio Works speakers are not hard sounding. I set up the systems at the show. We had some  issues with our initial setup. At first we had a prototype Arion preamp in the main room and it just did not make it as set up. Yes that was a bit hard on the ears Agreed. We had some system issues that were resolved later in the show. Live and learn.
     The GT audio Works speakers are well worth a listen. Great bass to 25Hz.  Soundstage is full scale with precise imaging. Transparent with great presence. So good in fact I ordered a custom pair to replace my Pipedreams. For me the most transparent panels I have yet to hear. IMO only bettered by 20.1 or Martin Logan statement speakers for a lot more money and not by much.
    Read the show coverage by Kemper at enjoythemusic.com.  Not a dealer for GTAW. A listen never hurts.


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Re: Has anyone tried stacking Maggie's?
« Reply #21 on: 3 Sep 2013, 11:09 pm »
If you build a frame and stick two MMG drivers stacked one on top of the other you end up with an 8' speaker about as tall as an Acoustat 2+2.

It should improve image height and the depth dimension as the taller speaker will give you more precise renditions of floor bounce cues for depth. You will also get some minor reinforcement of bass  below 200 hz, and should be obviously noticeable in bass below 100 hz.

I keep waiting for someone to do it and report on the results.

Now that's a thought - double stacked Super MMGs with 2 DWMs for $2400.


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Re: Has anyone tried stacking Maggie's?
« Reply #22 on: 4 Sep 2013, 05:07 pm »
capwkidd, one of the features that impressed me with the Janszen zA2.1 was the projection of a much larger image than expected from a cabinet that size and the number of drivers.  Audio friends who heard the demo pair I tried, or the ones I purchased, in my room made similar comments.

I don't know what the problems may be but from what I heard at THE Show Newport and read of other shows, the zA2.1 has not shown its full potential in those demos.  Hearing them in my own room, plus at a friend's who also bought a pair, is a different experience.

Certainly I can't say if they would project the size image you're looking for, but it could be worth the effort of trying them.


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Re: Has anyone tried stacking Maggie's?
« Reply #23 on: 4 Sep 2013, 08:45 pm »
From Wendell:

Stacking speakers into a line source does not require any mods. But, it does nothing for the inherent limitations of the drivers. It only improves the power response.


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Re: Has anyone tried stacking Maggie's?
« Reply #24 on: 5 Sep 2013, 02:52 am »
I don't agree that it improves the power response.  However, some folks have a different definition of power response so it's not worth quibbling.  What it does do is create a 2X taller source and moves the nearfield-farfield transition 2X farther away.  That's probably a good thing in most situations.
I think the main benefit though is for a stacked set of speakers each transducer is only working half as hard to create the same SPL.  (Less distortion.)

If stacking MMG's, I would take the second right speaker and turn it upside down on top of the lower left speaker.....and vice-versa.  This would yield a setup where the ribbon ends are closer (coupled better) together.  Although it's still not optimum.