Absolute Sound reviews the Audio by Van Alstine DVA M225 mono amps

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The speakers i will be using are Dynaudio Heritage Specials. They are that little bit further away from the typical house sound of most Dynaudio speakers. They are faster and closer to studio monitor sound. I had these running with class D Marashino amps from the Digital amp company. Great amps for most speakers but not for these Dynaudios. A little bright, forward and flat sounding. These speakers need current and Class A or A/B.

Give Frank a call and ask him which of his amps deliver high current. In the past he offered high current variants for some models. I had his older Omega 3 HC for many years and it played beautifully!

At the time I was driving  infinity Kappa 8s (original) and dropped under 2 ohms impedance for part of the frequency curve. That amp brought those kappas to life.  I could okay ‘em loud in a large room and the Omega 3 never croaked or shut down. Got really hot!

Call Frank for a frank conversation about high current amps.