Introducing Quiescence C (copper)

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Introducing Quiescence C (copper)
« on: 14 Apr 2021, 06:45 pm »

Coming hot off of the Breathe C tour I was really excited to see how much folks were loving Breathe C. The thing that delighted me the most was how popular Breathe C quickly became! The thing that surprised me most was within about 2-3 days towards the end of the tour, I received 4 requests for a Quiescence version of Breathe C. I had thought about it before, but in the end decided to forgo the idea. Big mistake... The Quiescence C cable wanted to exist!

So without further adieu...

Introducing Quiescence C

Using the same technology in our current flagship Quiescence S, QC introduces our carbon fiber/silver plated copper/Mylar shield. The results are incredible. Quieter noise floor, more detail and nuance than I have heard with any copper cable and dynamic shading that increases the experience of any system.

If you already have Breathe C and might be interested in upgrading all Hapa cables are designed with serviceability in mind. This means we can perform a Quiescence C upgrade to your current Breathe C cables! Please GET IN CONTACT with us and we can make that happen without the need for you to sell your cables and buy a new set!

For everyone else, stay tuned! We will be announcing the tour for Quiescence C next week!  :thumb: