Happa Senheiser HD800 cables

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Happa Senheiser HD800 cables
« on: 2 Apr 2021, 01:37 am »
I was a recent reviewer of the Happa Breeze C cables.  I was very impressed by the build quality and sound of these copper cables. I had a few discussions with Jason after I listened to his cables and he asked me if I would be interested in trying a new design for headphone cables.  Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, the timing was perfect for me to need a new set of cables for my Senheiser HD800 headphones.  If you know these headphones, they can be very particular about amplification and cables, and can really suck bad if not matched appropriately.  After a few times back and forth with Jason, we decided upon gold connectors and copper wiring with his special geometry.  This would hopefully tame the harsh high end and keep the special sound-staging that these cans have.

After a couple weeks, my Hapa cables arrived via FedEx. Once opened, you will find the cable encased in a neon green pelican-like container, along with a hydrometer and a keychain LED light.  Total overkill, but what most audiophiles would expect.  Not sure for the purpose of the hydrometer and light, but its a nice inclusion. 

Looking at the cables, you'll notice how the wiring is entwined with ( what i assume is) cotton fibers. The fibers are neon, which I asked for. I wanted the cable to be very visible to keep me aware of it and prevent me from rolling over it with my office chair.  Also, there is a bit of stretch in the cable, so if you happen to pull on it too hard it shouldn't pull apart from the connectors, a real big plus!

Initial listening impressions are very favorable, but I will post again after I've had a bit more time to listen to them.  Nevertheless, I can already tell that these cables give a very granular and tactile feel to the music that most cables gloss over. Bass is acceptable, but not the star of this show as was to be expected with the gold and copper combo.  Very listenable for very long periods of time, which was my goal. 

I'm very excited to be one of the first people who I assume will be in line for Jason's headphone cables.  Usually in audio I have to discern what function vs. style a product provides.  Happily, as I have found, Hapa Audio cables have both style and function in excess, a rare combination.

lookit!  Sweet!!!!

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Re: Happa Senheiser HD800 cables
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Wow first class construction :thumb:


Re: Happa Senheiser HD800 cables
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krusty kat smells a dog.



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Re: Happa Senheiser HD800 cables
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Hey Folks,

Thanks to Todd for being brave enough to try out my new build! I had the chance to snap some photos of his cable prior to shipping it. I wanted to try to capture the nuance and level of work I'm striving for. I'll let Todd chat to you all about the sound quality and day to day use, but that said, I designed this cable for maximum sonic clarity regardless of type of material used. Silver, copper, or gold plated silver all sound incredible with this new geometry especially with a balanced signal. But I didn't stop there, the β-Sine geometry is stretchy and bend-in-half flexible. Using the highest grade nylon cord available, combined with the meticulously hand woven geometry this cable absorb an incredible amount of strain prior to stressing connectors or ripping your headphones off your head like all other cables do.

Introducing Lady Kaede
Hapa Audio's statement headphone cable design. It is my goal to show why this advanced design will forever change what is possible and expected of a headphone cable.

β-Sine geometry is my design that solve several problems simultaneously. For one, it creates an excellent environment for both RFI/EMI rejection as well as allowing for inductive interplay between the signal + and signal - legs of the conductors specifically for a balanced signal. Two, it is unbelievably flexible. When I have a ten inch length of the cable between my two hands, the cable can be stretched to 12 inches giving it an unheard of flexibility which leads to substantially less stress on connectors and is much safer for your equipment preventing headphones from being ripped off your head accidentally or connectors being ripped from their sockets.

Handmade Titanium bead to denote left channel, one bead comes standard with the cable with infinite custom options. Also, Aeco 4 pin XLR gold plated tellurium/copper connector. Todd's cable is the first time using this badass looking mofo.

My signature titanium T splitter imported from Slovakia and handmade by my masterful bead-maker. If you're asking 'why titanium parts?' it is to keep the entire cable incredibly lightweight from connector to headphones.

I'll post a bit about the case later, it's not just to look pretty, it is to keep your cable functioning at it's highest level.  :popcorn:

Stay tuned.  :thumb:


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Re: Happa Senheiser HD800 cables
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I've heard the silver version of this cable and it's a reference grade cable.  Whether you are rocking Sennheisers, Beyerdynamics, Sony, Hifiman, Focal or Mezes, these cables will allow them to sound their best.