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Title: X-MTM's - 90% done, but already are "Spouse Approved"
Post by: ak-412 on 20 Jul 2021, 11:53 pm
Last year I built a set of X-LS Encores which are now in my office (replacing some LS-50s - which I hope to send on to Danny for a "check-up"). After a while I couldn't help myself from moving them down to our "Media Room" (92" screen with a JVC DLA RS50 projector, Denon 3808 amp with 7.1 speaker set up, contemplating how to start a conversation with my spouse about a need to upgrade this setup) to see how they sounded in place of some very old Klipsch floor standers.  As you can expect, they X-LS's were clearer and much better sounding.  However, I knew I wanted something a little bigger that would fit the room better.

Some time ago I had to replace the Klipsch center speaker and at that time I put in an ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2 Center Speaker.
My luck was good for once as I saw the GR-Research upgrade kit for this center speaker, ordered it and put it in and it sound good.

After looking around for a while I ordered an X-MTM kit (along with a flat pack, my measuring and wood working skills are not up to, by a long shot, doing a "scratch built" speaker).  So far (knocking on wood) on this build I have only had to recover from 3 errors on my part (here's hoping that nothing else happens). 

In any event, I am waiting on some more Duratex now (I watch all the videos about finishing speakers, but I know my limits).  However, I couldn't help myself from wiring up and installing the drivers then moving them into the media room.  Got my wife down and we listened to some music.  She made me switch among a variety of songs and types of music (e.g., rock, classical, even pop) and finally said she they sound great!  I was so happy with her positive response that I ignored the undertone of her surprise that I could pull the build off...

The speaker "carcasses" are done except the rear panel is not clued in and is simply friction-fit right now. When my Duratex comes in I will pull the drivers, finish the interior "stuffing and then glue it up and apply the Duratex (as Danny wisely says, Duratex hides a lot of sins, thank goodness).  After all that they will go back into the Media Room and I will run the Denon's equalization program to get the audio tuned up (even without that and only being partially finished they sound great!).

I think I will have to consider some surround speaker replacements next....

Got to say, I am having fun!
Title: Re: X-MTM's - 90% done, but already are "Spouse Approved"
Post by: Skilly on 21 Jul 2021, 06:55 pm
Good story. Thanks for sharing.
Title: Re: X-MTM's - 90% done, but already are "Spouse Approved"
Post by: JWCoffman on 22 Jul 2021, 01:21 am
I don't think you'll be disappointed, but then again I'm sure you already know that.
Title: Re: X-MTM's - 90% done, but already are "Spouse Approved"
Post by: hawkeyejw on 22 Jul 2021, 02:02 am
Great post! The X series speakers price to performance ratio is really great and there’s something extra special about listening to speakers you built yourself. You’ve been bit by the bug now!