Desktop Audio, a Two-channel Audio System by viggen

Desktop System
Room Size
A cubish room (10'x10'x9')
System Overview
Smallish room so forced to use monitors to make everything fit.
Music Preferences
Tahiti 80, Phoenix, Ivy, St. Etienne, Momus, Digitalism, Birds and the Bees...
Room Description
It's too small for my full range speakers (Jean Marie Reynaud Evoluntion Mk2). The monitors had to be purchased to compensate the room. Turns out to be an excellent investment as my stereo room is converted back into a more useful study and the sound is great. Wife can now use the room for her greeting card side business too. She usually sits on the floor with her Macbook pro on a box when she's in the room though since her Epson printer is on the opposite side of the wall.
Acoustic Treatment
Originally had glass closet doors which are removed and replaced with curtains hand sewn by my wife. Elfa shelves as you see holding up the system are also used throughout the room which helps create a little baffle to deaden an otherwise live room. My wife has lots of paper craft material on the shelves (she's a graphic designer). That also helps.
Listening Impressions
Not the last word in resolution, detail or scale, but I think it's a very good sounding system overall. It's got a recording studio liveliness to it.
Media Storage
Cds in garage. LPs in closet on an Elf shelf.
Other Comments
The Amazon Model 12 is an earlier model that I think was sold only domestically in Germany. I purchased it off a guy who purchased it off a guy who purchased it off a German guy. I had to replace the power supply with an US model hence the purchase of the KECES DC-115. I think this Model 12 might be the only example in the US. Kora Crescendo preamp currently getting repaired. According to an acquaintance from Audiogon, it's only 1 of 4 Crescendos in the US. Linn Kan MK1 speakers I suspect are of an earliest vintage that is made of birch ply with binding post instead of medite with banana plugs. These cabinets were originally made by Chartwell then sold to Linn after Chartwell has gone bankrupt. Only 200 of these were made. Later Linn Kan cabinets are all made of medite (MDF). I hope my suspicions are correct that these are indeed Chartwell cabinets. These Kans certainly sound more live than other iterations I've heard.
Digital Source
Dell XPS 7100
Analog Source
Amazon Model 12, Moerch DP6, XYZ R-100
Other Sources
Bluenote de Medici phono
Signal Processors
Audiosector USB DAC
Khozmo 48 step passive w/ 5k ohm output
Power Amp
Greatech muVac
Linn Kan MK1
Velodyne ULD 15 MK1
Speaker Cable
Audioquest Argent II
JVC CN710 Pro
Power Cables
47Labs OTA wire w/ Furutech plugs
Sony MDRV6
Elfa rack system with Poplar shelves
Power Cond
Furutech etp60, KECES DC-115 for the turntable motor
Tuning and Tweaks
BDR cones under speaker. Neuance shelf under turntable
Other Components
Monitor is Sony KDLV26XBR. Chair is vintage aluminum steel and ply DCS Castelli designed by Giancarlo Piretti. Desk is West Elm Bond, a bday gift from wife.