MG is in the house, a Two-channel Audio System by Austin08

Room Size
15x 24x8
System Overview
This system was build around MG 3.7i. Over a year of research, swap in and out many equipment, I think I find a very good synergy between each component. The sound is very pleasing - nature and on a warm side.
Music Preferences
Vocal, Acoustic Jazz, Asia Folk, Classic Rock, Classical, Flamenco .....
Room Description
System is on long wall with one side has double window and the other side has slidding door. Behind LP is open about 3 feet at either end of the room, one is leading to formal dinning room and while other is to the kitchen.
Acoustic Treatment
2 4" 2x4 703 OC behind each speaker. 2 4" 2x4 GIK Alpha panel infront of fireplace and between speaker.
Listening Impressions
This system sound nature, warm and very detail. I coukd listen for hrs and hrs without listening fatigue.
Media Storage
Bryston BDP-1 with 2TB attached HD. Most files are CD ripped
Digital Source
Cary Sacd player
Analog Source
Project Xtension 9 with Blue point Evo3 low output MC
Other Sources
Sony blue ray player
ARC Dspre
Power Amp
MG 3.7i
Dual Rythmik F8se
Speaker Cable
Audio Art 5se
Silnote Poisedon
Power Cables
Audio Art power cable
Salamander Synergy