"I say this is the most musical solid-state design I’ve heard!" - Harry Pearson

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Congratz James-Keep up the great work!  8)


So, I've heard and read lots of praise on Bryston products...but never had the opportunity to hear them.  Anyone in the SF Bay Area that has them and willing to do a demo?


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   I have been to Harrys home. With the SS gear he has on hand for him to say the 28B is a great  than believe me it is a valued compliment.
  Yes his system is all that. Especially the vinyl. The smaller Maggie room with Maggies of course was and is one of the best sounds I've heard.
  Can't wait to hear the 3.7s and a 28B oh my. Wonder how they would sound with my Pipedreams with 33 drivers per side ?



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And how many PA systems have you heard that refute this idea?  With few exceptions, every PA system I have heard has been, at best, terrible, and many didn't even get that accomplishment.

The fact remains, the PA world has different priorities than the hifi world, and they rarely bridge.
One time I have work on stage in a rock gig with a PA Crown amp, it is a good amp for PA or any pro-audio service.
Of course it is a crap for Hi-FI home use, it have a noisy fan cooling, and the sound quality is a BS.
All others pro-audio amps I listen have the same bad sound as expected, Bryston is a rare bird.

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