Audition around Portland OR??

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Audition around Portland OR??
« on: 24 Nov 2021, 05:25 pm »
I’m becoming increasingly interested in Spatial Audio, and curious if anyone in the Portland (or surrounding) area might be around sometime in the next several days, and would be up for auditioning their system.

I haven’t given up on something like the NX-Oticas, but would need to hear them with a tube front end to finish deciding if they are my flavor or not. 

I’m open to other baffle speakers as well…

Thanks a bunch and I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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Re: Audition around Portland OR??
« Reply #1 on: 25 Nov 2021, 02:27 pm »
I'm not sure how to find it, but there WAS a (Spatial Audio) thread where people were saying where they were from in case someone wanted to audition. If you can find that thread you may be able to PM (private message) someone in your area, good luck!