Aftermarket Feet for the X3

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Re: Aftermarket Feet for the X3
« Reply #40 on: 31 Aug 2021, 02:23 am »
how did you bolt them in yours? i went with these as well

It was pretty straight forward. For my X5's I needed the 1/4" bolts. There are two nuts for the bolt. One goes below the speaker "leg" and is used to adjust the height of the footer. The other goes on top of the leg and secures the footer to the leg. I did not use/need the adjusting bolt because the speakers were a good height without them.

I already had some room treatments. All things being equal I thought that the footers made a nice improvement. I agree that room treatments are often overlooked but can make a very big difference. Having said that I find that the OB X5's have a lot less interaction with my listening space than my previous box speakers.

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Re: Aftermarket Feet for the X3
« Reply #41 on: 31 Aug 2021, 02:41 pm »
Your room is your final sound. Do all the tweaks you want, buy the best gear, and if your room is not treated it is a waste of money to getting the sound what you paid for. I can remove just one panel that sits between my speakers and the sound dramatically changes. Same on taking off the bass traps in each corner the same, heck even tilting my blinds upward but not closed or downward not closed changes the sound. It really is something when you try to make a good-sounding room, how so many little things can make an impact on your system's performance. This is why a review on gear or what you hear at a local audio store if you are luckly enough to have one means little, only when you get that product home in your system can you tell how it will sound and work in your system.  The room matters so much.


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Re: Aftermarket Feet for the X3
« Reply #42 on: 19 Oct 2021, 10:28 pm »
One positive aspect of the Gaia feet is that they have a suction cup-like effect on my tile floors which means they maintain their position once they’re set up properly.  That suction effect also greatly reduces the likelihood that my X3s would ever tip over.  But if you move your speakers around at all, such as away from the front wall for serious listening sessions, something like a Herbie’s Giant Slider will allow you to easily slide the X3s around on the floor.  I have used both the Gaia’s and Herbie’s on hardwood and tile floors.  Without getting into each product’s relative merits I found them both to be sonically effective.  I’m fairly convinced I would love the X3s if they were mounted on four KrispyKreme Hot ‘n Nows. 


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Re: Aftermarket Feet for the X3
« Reply #43 on: 7 Nov 2021, 04:53 pm »

This is exactly my concern...

I do not want my AMT height any taller than it is, this will create other issues.  I am using Herbies soft dots under the Spatial provided cups and it sounds much better than stock with barely raising the speakers. Going with the GIAI's does intrigue me, but they might cause more issues than they fix. 

Herbies gliders are a superior solution than the soft dots and barely cost more...  This is a $130 solution and look fine...

This guy is using them...

Has anyone compared them?

Thank you.


Re: Aftermarket Feet for the X3
« Reply #44 on: 8 Nov 2021, 12:44 pm »
I have not compared them but had that same concern as my couch is already pretty low and I did not want to raise the speakers any higher.

Based on a post above showing some measurements I decided to buy the Gaia's. I did not use the round height adjustment washers. This let the top of the footer press directly against my X5's leg bottom.

Based upon my own measurements this only raised the speakers by about 1/4" which does not seem very significant.