Beautiful Music, a Two-channel Audio System by LordCloud

System Overview
Music Preferences
Everything but country.
Room Description
Loft area
Acoustic Treatment
DIY acoustic panels
Listening Impressions
Sounds like music
Media Storage
IKEA Kallax
Digital Source
Musical Fidelity M1 CDT transport. MHDT Labs Balanced Pagoda DAC.
Analog Source
Modified SOTA turntable. Technics SP10 MK2. Clearaudio Micro Basic phono stage
Django TVC passive. Tortuga Audio LDR1B.V25 balanced passive
Power Amp
Monarchy Audio SM70s. Benchmark Audio AHB2
Tempo Electric EP1
Speaker Cable
Hard wired silver cable
Duelund Solid Silver 20 gauge
Power Cables
Zu Audio Mission and Event MK1. Tributaries Silver Series
Power Cond
Shunyata Hydra 2
Tuning and Tweaks
Very DIY isolation platforms