Mikes main 2 channel audio system, a Two-channel Audio System by zmikem53

Room Size
26 ‘ x 19’ x 13’ Open to other rooms with varying ceiling height 9’ to 13’
System Overview
MacBook Pro > Schiit Yggdrasil > Music First Audio V2 SE passive TVC > First Watt SIT3 > Daedalus Athena V2
Music Preferences
Classical , Pop, 50’s , Jazz, Blues , mostly everything
Room Description
Took over the Den after downsizing and losing my dedicated audio room
Acoustic Treatment
Some echo buster panels on back wall behind each speaker
Listening Impressions
Involving, musical and never fatiguing. Leans to just right of neutral tonally..
Digital Source
MacBook Pro , clamshell mode, stripped down OS. SSD for ripped music
Other Sources
Amazon hd streaming
Signal Processors
Yggdrasil DAC
Music First Audio passive TVC, Django Passive, Schiit Freya+
Power Amp
First Watt SIT3
Daedalus Athena v2
Speaker Cable
Canare 4S11
Shunyata, acoustic zen
Power Cables
Signal cable, Harmonic tech
Senn HD650
Michael Greene clamp rack
Power Cond
Core power Equi core 1800, Zero surge
Tuning and Tweaks
Symposium roller blocks