2 Channel Audio System, a Two-channel Audio System by undertowogt1

Room Size
13 x 18 x 9'
System Overview
Tried to keep it simple. System consists of Digital FLAC Files and Vinyl. Picture is not totally up to date
Music Preferences
A Lot of different sytle of music depending on mood. Progressive, Rock, Neil Young, Steven Wilson, Ryan Adams, Tool, Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Beck, the War on Drugs............................and on and on
Room Description
This 12 by 16 room doubles as my listening room and Billiard room. It is really too small for both of these hobbies but I am working with it. The system is detailed and has a great sound stage. The pool table does get in the way when the M3 Turbo S are out, it is a trade off.
Acoustic Treatment
8 DIY Acoustic Panels. 3 inch Rocwol with a burlap cover on the front. Nice wood frames. They make a big differance
Listening Impressions
Bass, Mids, Highs, deep sound stage, imaging is all great. The system is extremely reviling and detailed.
Media Storage
Ikea Expedit on castors for Records 4TB NAS for FLAC Files, Backup up to another NAS DIY Record dividers made of thin MDF. Labeled by alphabet
Other Comments
I am very happy now. Eventually I will have a dedicated listening room or a larger billiard room / Listening Room
Digital Source
Laptop running Foobar 2000>USB> iDAC 2 with iPurifier V1.
Analog Source
Well Tempered Lab Amadeus GTA MKII Audio Technica 440MLa Dual Moving Magnet
Promitheus Audio Dual Mono TVC (Transformer Volume Control) for my Digital setup, Sutherland Insight Phono Preamp and Bottlehead Reduction Phono Preamp when I feel like Tubes in my system.
Power Amp
DIY Folsom Chip Amp. I love it
Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo S
not needed with the Spatials in my room
Speaker Cable
Nothing Special
DIY Silver Interconnects and DIY Duelund RCA cables
Power Cond
Fo Felix Power Conditioner ( DIY, Thanks Folsom)
Tuning and Tweaks
Turntable sits on a DIY sandbox, weighs about 60 pounds............... and my magic crystals on top of my TVC
Other Components
DIY Ultra Sonic Record Cleaning Machine DIY Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine