Main Rig, a Integrated A/V System by Chris A.

Chris As-setup-elevated-view-small
Room Size
40'L x 15.5'W x 9'H (5510 cubic feet), 12 x 4.7 x 2.7 metres (152 cubic metres)
System Overview
System Goals: Integrated 2-channel/HT, fully horn loaded loudspeakers, no tube amplification.
Music Preferences
Classical, jazz, jazz fusion, choral, folk, new age, Celtic, blues, world, rock, pop, dance, etc.
Movie Preferences
Those with uncompressed/unclipped soundtracks
Room Description
Converted den/kitchen area
Acoustic Treatment
Auralex Sonofiber tiles to control early reflections, bass traps in corners
Listening Impressions
High accuracy dynamic reproduction, very low modulation distortion
Media Storage
Computer (FLAC, WAV files --> HDMI to DACs in AVP), external HDs, and archived disc racks
Video Display
60" Sharp Aquos Quattron.
Digital Source
Oppo BDP-103, PS3, netbook running foobar2000 with CD/DVD-A collection ripped to FLAC and connected via HDMI to AVP.
Analog Source
Empire 398 with 980 arm, Stanton EEE MK. III, transcription phono preamp.
Signal Processors
Xilica P-8080 (crossing Jubs), miniDSP 2x4 HD (surrounds), XTi-1000 DSPs (EQing subs).
Emotiva XMC-1
Power Amp
First Watt F3 driving TAD TD-4002s on Jub K-402 HF horns; Crown D-75As tri-amping center, surrounds, front bass bins; and Crown XTi-1000s driving TH subs.
'07 Klipsch Jubilees (two-way versions) w/TAD TD-4002 HF drivers (bi-amped)
K-402-MEH (center, tri-amped)
Belle bass bins with AMT-1s (bi-amped)
DIY SPUD tapped horn subs (behind each Jubilee bass bin)
Tuning and Tweaks
Fully EQed, time/phase-aligned crossovers for each loudspeaker using active digital crossovers. Audyssey used only for setting 5.1 loudspeaker channel delays. All drivers/loudspeakers time aligned and manually EQed from 14Hz-20kHz.