morts kick ass boat shaker, a Two-channel Audio System by mort

Room Size
System Overview
"Once, Bob Carver visited a famous sound researcher who was attempting to recreate the "snip" of an ordinary pair of scissors. He used no less than TWENTY-FOUR 200-watt amplifiers for playback, yet when viewed on an oscilloscope it was apparent that the top of that instantaneous transient was being distorted. Believe it or not, he needed more power! It was evident that real-world sound occurs very quickly and requires far more power than ANY current amplifier could produce." and so forth came the m-1.5t equal in sonic quality on every level (according to Stereophiles entire edditing staff) to the Conrad Johnson premeir five the absolute flagship of that time at a tenth of the price, upending the egos of all of the elitist audio snobs of the day. Once again it is nessesary to remind these foolish money wasting audio fools that your gear is still only on a par to mine and cost multiple thosands of dollars more...................................................................... "I THINK THAT FALSE BELIEFS, ESPECIALLY IN AUDIO, HAVE GIVEN RISE TO SOME REALLY WILD DESIGNS. FOR EXAMPLE, $25,000, 9 WATT AUDIO AMPLIFIERS - YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, 9 WATT. YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME DESIGNING SUCH EQUIPMENT- I SIMPLY DO NOT BELIEVE IN IT. HOWEVER, I LOVE TO READ ABOUT SUCH DESIGNS AND I LOVE TO THINK AND TALK ABOUT THEM. I?M OVERJOYED THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO DO DESIGN AMPLIFIERS LIKE THAT. IT?S PART OF WHAT MAKES AUDIO SO MUCH FUN!" C.T.O. Sunfire BOB CARVER................................................................................... Power is everything with out it you have mediocrity. I have power in spades, Biatches.
Music Preferences
Everything exept country. My true loves are Pearl Jam, Mark Knopfler, Norah Jones, Morphine, Yello, Led Zepplin, Dave Matthews, Lorena McCenett, Kn'aan, Damian Marley and family
Room Description
I live on a 70 foot Fiberglass schonner, Because of the prevolence of glass windows and bass traps it is remarkably difficult to get good sound aboard boats, however we have achieved it through copeius ammounts of absorbing pannels, overheads, rugs and pillows.
Acoustic Treatment
Padded acusa-fab leather overhead pannels, throw rugs, ultra suede cussions around. Boundry compesation switches activated on speakers.
Listening Impressions
Because of the ribbon nature of my speakers a sweet spot listining location is nessesary for critical interpretations. exelent imaging for a small confined space 120 db possible in listining position, too loud for me! Because of the shere volume of the CRM-2's at higer levels the crisp highs and powerfull mids drown out the sub I would love to add an additional but I dont have the space or finacial wife support.
Media Storage
Olive 4-HD, Toshiba Satelight
Other Comments
Kick ass mind blowing sound for a boat (2700 watts with excelent imaging and no-nil-zero clipping or distortion.)
Digital Source
Olive 4-HD
Other Sources
Carver 2000 internaly refabed by hi-tech audio in Portland Or.
Power Amp
Carver m1.5t 600 watts per channel long term power into 8 Ohms
Sunfire Crm-2 cinema ribbons with boundry compensation
Sunfire True Subwoofer Jr 1500 watts internaly powerd
Speaker Cable
transparent audio musicwave speaker cabels
transparent audio MusicLink RCA Interconnects
Power Cond
Belkin Pure -A/v, Stand alone dedicated Outback 2000 watt sine wave inverter.