Decoupling Speakers Spikes ?

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Decoupling Speakers Spikes ?
« on: 7 Jul 2017, 09:41 pm »

Just using a standard Stillpoints Disc under my Stillpoiints devices. Would decoupling devices under my spikes be a better option and which would you recommend?

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Re: Decoupling Speakers Spikes ?
« Reply #1 on: 7 Jul 2017, 11:04 pm »
"better option" better for what?
It all depends..
Is the floor or stand solid? Is it flexible.(concrete steel/wood. Can you note any vibrations in the item in any way as is?
What does the item sound like with no airborne or floor borne vibes at all.. vs as is?
Does the item sound better if your CAT is laying on it?

How close to the speakers IS the item (or is the item THE SPEAKERS!)

Perhaps testing,, Place pads of post it notes under instead of the current under thingies. Try some wood blocks.. Even Popsicle sticks can do..


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Re: Decoupling Speakers Spikes ?
« Reply #2 on: 8 Jul 2017, 03:26 am »
There is some good input from Jim Smith from "Get Better Sound" in this article: