Poor guys over at the asylum trying to figure out how to move heavy speakers

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Thought any other happy Herbie's gliders owners might want to help them out. I am absolutely thrilled at the way the titanium giant gliders let me move my 650# loaded rack on carpet when doing cable swapping or contact cleaning by myself, all the while serving up better sound. But on that board, I am just a voice in the wilderness.

BTW, Steve, I currently have my VPI SSM on a 28" x 18" x 4" maple platform sitting on 2" tall Mapleshade cork/? isoblocks. I want to replace the blocks with Herbie's stuff. The table + platform weigh about 225#.  They rest on a substantial 2" x 60" maple shelf in a Steve Blinn rack. I want to keep the platform under the table because it gives me a small bit of workspace without scratching up the beautiful shelf, and it give me space to support the duct cover. What do you suggest I use to replace the isoblocks?

Thanks for all the good and affordable stuff.


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Re: sorry, forgot the URL
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This is a link to the Asylum thread I referenced above.



Don't underestimate your value! I just read your post and it was very well done I think that the OP will get the job done and your post helps,


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Grungebuster Dots are usually the cat's meow between maple platform and shelf. With a 225-pound load and very wide footprint,  I'd recommend considering six 1.5"-diameter Extra-Thick grungebuster Dots.

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