Enjoying LOTS of Herbie's Stuff...

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Enjoying LOTS of Herbie's Stuff...
« on: 25 Jun 2015, 03:14 am »
I've been working hard on my "little" details in my system.  I've got PI Audio equipment and Herbie's isolators as two of the most meaningful tweaks I've made.  After that, maple platforms have been a nice addition, as well.

So I've got Herbie's giant gliders under my speaker spikes. Gliders under my maple platform for my amp (Stillpoints between maple and amp).  Big dots under my woofer plate amp maple platforms and tenderfeet between my plate amp enclosures and my maple platforms.  Gliders under my rack footers with grungebusters between my maple platforms and my DAC, pre amp, and computer with tenderfeet between the maple and the equipment.  I've got four supersonic stablizers on top of my amp.  I've got tenderfeet under one of my PI Audio Uberbuss and gliders under the other Uberbuss (it has spikes).

I'm going to add some roller ball isolation under my rack equipment (the front end) as a later project but will keep the Herbie's products after the roller balls.  Roller balls will be under the main speakers as a test...will add some dbneutralizer under the roller balls on the speakers, of course.

The change in sound quality (tone, dynamics, detail, linearity), cumulatively, has been like a full upgrade of all my equipment.  Everything sounds ridiculously good now. 

Thanks, Steve, for all the affordable and effective components...and being able to add them a little at a time has made it really fun and affordable. 

John K

P.S. Moss would never listen to music with me...thanks to Herbie's, he can't get enough of the music!!! 8)


Re: Enjoying LOTS of Herbie's Stuff...
« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun 2015, 05:52 am »
What about Herbies for the guitar amp? (Which is?)


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Re: Enjoying LOTS of Herbie's Stuff...
« Reply #2 on: 29 Jul 2015, 02:08 am »
Looks like a Bulgera ( maybe a V22 ) paired with a Gretsch...