Review of LDR300x.V3 Passive Preamp after 30 minutes of listening

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Well, Morten, you surprise me.  I wanted this for the new balance control and I figured it would sound just like my old LDR3X Rev 2 unit, but it sounds better.  I had to turn down my sub and I am hearing small snippets of instruments that I had not noticed before.  An extremely clear and open presentation. As for the balance, it is even better than I anticipated - 20 steps lets me really get it just like I want.   At first I wanted the display to be even brighter than the max setting, but then I realized that the window screening I use on the front doors of my rack was the culprit and opening the door made it bright enough. (I made these doors with screen to keep my kitty out when she was a baby - she thought playing with all the wires was her job.  Now she is 3 years older and seldom even looks at the rack.) So I guess I'll just remove the unneeded doors.  Overall you can color me as a happy camper.  Thanks for listening to all our suggestions and doing a Porsche-like job of constant improvement.