The Primevals (2023) - Stop-Motion Yetis Emerge 30 Years Later

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"The Primevals" has a long history, production started in 1978 and filming started in Romania and Italy in 1994. The long delay to the 2023 release was due to funding problems and the death of the writer, director and animator David Allen. The films of legendary stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen inspired David Allen to make "The Primevals."

Live action actors and stop-motion creatures have believable interactions. The film starts slowly as a yeti hunt and then takes a bizarre alien twist.

"The Primevals" has the look and feel of a late '70's low budget science fiction film. I got wrapped up in the story and the action packed finale held my interest, I felt 10 years old again.

The NY Times has a article about David Allen and the film

The Primevals is a perfect summer afternoon matinee movie to watch with your kids. Available on Prime.


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