Tweeter and Super Tweeter Crossover Help

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Tweeter and Super Tweeter Crossover Help
« on: 14 Jun 2024, 06:43 pm »
So these are the tweeters and super tweeter from Vmps FF1 speakers:
 There are Two Scan Speak D2905/9000 tweeters are wired in series, and crossed over at 4500hz.
 The Philips AD 21600 RT8 super tweeter are crossed over at 15000hz.
I would appreciate any help  in determining the capacitor values and mH coil value. Thanks Jim

Super tweeter specs:

 Scan Speak specs:

This picture is the treble section from Vmps FF1 crossover, with spiral tweeter were used
 Capacitor values are :
tweeters 3.11uF (blue and green wires).
Super tweeter .627uF , don’t know coil value (blue and white wires).

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