Schiit Asgarde 3 cutting out with no audio

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Schiit Asgarde 3 cutting out with no audio
« on: 26 May 2024, 12:12 am »
So, my Asgard 3 is cutting out with no audio after 2-10 minutes. Plays fine for a minute or 10 then stops all sound from my PC with Type 'C" input from the PC.
Seems I'm not the only one based on the feedback from the interweb.
I tried a different USB input, and it does the same. Less than a year old. Can't be the DAC output because the analog out does the same.

Haven't called them yet, but I ordered a HF 4500 to keep me going meantime.

Anyone else seen this? 

What's up Letitroll? Dan? I love You, Long time Brother.


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Re: Schiit Asgarde 3 cutting out with no audio
« Reply #1 on: 29 May 2024, 11:06 am »
Hey James, I noticed you started posting again a while back.  Good times back in the day for sure.  I've retired and moved out of the area, sort of, the mountains of west central PA.  I was on a family reunion last weekend, Mom's 90th birthday, and didn't notice your post.

I checked the Internet and yes, there appears to be a difficult problem in the Schitt Asgard 3 that's repeated over and over.  All the trouble shooting appears to be futile, different cables, sources, settings all to no avail.  So I think you're left with contacting Schitt.  QC and design issues are common with these small manufacturers, the boards are all made by subcontractors then assembled in house.  If they change subcontractors building the boards or other components they have no recourse.  Luckily Schitt is still in business with the same founders and they must have some solution, I'd contact Jason there.