Magnepan 1.7 and 1.7i external crossover upgrade kit

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For the AXPONA 2024 show, Danville Signal created a new 3-way, 6 binding post plate with a wiring harness to replace the existing Magnepan connector plate to use for the AB demo.  This makes an easy way to bypass the original passive crossover and access all 3 planar drivers for use.  It fits correctly where my used 2.7/QR connector plate are larger than the space it would normally fit.

The customer would still need to remove the stiles and sock staples to get to the connectors to bypass the internal passive crossover, then reinstall the socks, staples and stiles.

This could also be for folks willing to offer the Magnepan bypass connection service for owners.

I am starting this thread to gauge interest in the idea to see if it is worth doing a production run of panels to make the kits.

Will post more pictures of the prototype parts to give everyone a full ideal of what is provided.

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