Experiences with Rich Hollis & Danville dspNexus

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Experiences with Rich Hollis & Danville dspNexus
« on: 17 Apr 2024, 08:08 pm »
Hi All:

I thought it would be helpful for me to share my experiences with Rich and my system with the dsp Nexus.
My system includes the following:

- Eminent Tech 8b speakers
- DYI version of the Surreal Sound subs
- Audio Hungary 6P45s (100 watt) amp to drive the mid panel drivers on the 8bs
- Yamama PX8 amp for the subs
- Yaqin el84 (12 watts) for the ribbons on the 8bs
- Sources are Qubuz from a PC and a turntable project in the works.

I am an early adopter for the Danville dsp Nexus. In preparation for going with active crossovers, I  had a local electronic repair shop modify the 8bs to eliminate the internal crossovers. The low-frequency drivers on the 8bs are not used in favor of the Surreal subs.

My experience with working with Rich has been superb. He has been super helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I am not the most computer-savvy person around. But Rich has been extremely helpful and has made everything work. He initially created several configuration files setting the crossover points/types for tri-amping my system. In the end, we just copied what Bruce Thigpen at Eminent Tech recommends for the 8b speakers. The configuration files were emailed to me and then Rich spent a significant amount of his time with me over the phone walking through the process of using and flashing the configuration file into the dsp Nexus. 

The sound of my system is DRAMATICALLY better than it was. Previously I was using a stand-alone DAC (Prism Sound) and bi-amping using (i) the Audio Hungary to drive the mid panels and tweeters using the internal crossover in the 8bs, and (ii) the Yamaha for the subs. With the dsp Nexus, active crossovers, and tri-amping, the sound quality is just so much better. More transparent, dynamic, and natural. I am not sure I have listneded to a better system, including mega-expensive systems at high-end audio shops. In comparison, even expensive box speakers sound dull, fuzzy, and lifeless. The combination of the the active crossovers and the onboard DAC makes the dsp Nexus special.

I have no affiliation with Rich or Danville Signal. I am just a very pleased customer.




Re: Experiences with Rich Hollis & Danville dspNexus
« Reply #1 on: 27 Apr 2024, 12:02 pm »
Glad you are very happy with the results using the dspNexus 2x8 with your LFT-8b's!

I am part of the system to help customers get the best out of their music system with the product.  Getting it integrated and running can be challenging, but once it is done, the results speak for themselves.  Most flexible and best sounding DSP processor I have ever heard.

Will be interested in how your turntable project goes with the dspNexus system with the analog input setup for phono with the RIAA EQ and 42dB of gain available.



Re: Experiences with Rich Hollis & Danville dspNexus
« Reply #2 on: 3 May 2024, 03:14 pm »
Somehow analog sounds better than Qubuz. I stream and play the same album and can jump back and forth with the remote. With the same track, the digital sound is cleaner but flatter and more one-dimensional in comparison. The analog is warmer, more life-like, and dimensional, but with more background noise. I'd say this is how most would describe the comparison of analog v digiital, which to me, means the A/D and then D/A conversations by the Nexus does not have much of an impact if at all.
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