Introduction- plus a little help with Daedalus speaker setup?

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Just another audio guy here looking for others with similar passions.  Im currently listening to a pair of Daedalus Athena v2 speakers and so far I'm liking what I'm hearing. 

Looking for other Daedalus owners' recommendations regarding placement in a 20x15ft room.  Currently have a sprained ankle and limited movement so the 'speaker dance' is not that appealing right now.  Do these speakers like to be closer to front/side walls?  Yes the bass is a bit leaner than what I'm used to - but I don't mind at all.  Lower freq is very tight and very well controlled not bloated like a lot of ported designs.  How about toe-in?  How are you toe-ing these? 

Thank you for your input


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Hi Ramon,
I will move this topic to the Daedalus Circle as you already introduced yourself in Sep2018.