HAL at CAF2023

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Re: HAL at CAF2023
« Reply #20 on: 11 Nov 2023, 03:45 am »
Day 1 of CAF is complete.  This demo room is very challenging.

This is a demo system to show what both the EA dspNexus 2x8 processor and the 8in servo subs can do for existing speakers.  So far there are GR-Research Super Mini, NX-Tremes and LS-9's running EA dspNexus 2x8's as replacements for the passive crossover systems.  There are other speakers as well like the Egg speaker design and some custom horn designs using the system as DSP crossover.

The setup is the 1993 vintage Magnepan MG10/QR rewired without the internal crossovers for biamping.  I had MGIIB's in the '80s and knew what was needed to improve the sound, but the active crossovers of the day could not do is now easily done and sounds excellent.

The subs are GR-Research 8in servo subs in OB H-Frames.  Rythmik Audio modified HX300PEQ servo amps running the servo subs.  The flat packs for the OB 8in H-Frames are from Killian.  I can sell them with a finish, but you can order the parts directly to DIY them.

The EA dspNexus 2x8 is running the front end for phono and USB digital input for DSP crossovers, phono RIAA EQ and cartridge voltage gain into the AKM AK5578 ADC's.  The output DACs are 4x AKM AK4493's with Class A output stages.

The room is sounding good, but not as good so far as LSAF in TX in June.  Found a problem and the replacement part is coming tomorrow.  Work around went online at 5PM after it went down at 10AM.  Did a lot of driving to get the first fix.  Danville Signal's Al Clark dspNexus 2x8 designer was doing discussions with attendees while I was gone.

Will give an update tomorrow when the real replacement part arrives and the system is fully running. 

The servo subs are working well.  Very nice LF capability in the room from 30Hz to 120Hz feeding the MG10/QR's with the DSP crossover. 

The servo sub flat packs and 8in GR-Research servo subs are available.  The Rythmik Audio HX300PEQ is a prototype for its replacement the HX310.  This is the prototype pair of 8in modular sub's to see if there is interest in building the replacement servo amp.

The EA dspNexus 2x8 is for sale at $3000.00+s/h from Hollis Audio Labs and I do the sales, application and support for the new crossover.

Orchard Audio will be here on Saturday to be at the HAL room for a period of time as two other rooms have his gear as well.

Hope that is answers to your questions.


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Day 2 of CAF2023 is complete.

System is up and running and sounding really good! 

Leo from Orchard Audio is here along with Al Clark from Danville Signal to discuss their products and then listen to them.

Qobuz is working well and so far only one track requested was not available.   


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Day 3 begins. 

See you in room 708 at CAF!


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Day 3 of CAF2023 is complete and the room is packed for going home. 

Hope that the show attendees enjoyed their time in the room and we were able to explain the ideas of the dspNexus 2x8 DSP system and demonstrate its sound quality.\

We will see what 2024 brings.


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A video review by the Audiophile Junkie of the HAL room at CAF2023. 

Thanks for stopping by for a listen and discussion!



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Re: HAL at CAF2023
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Normally it's really hard to hear anything positive from a YouTube video, but that sounded really good.  :thumb:


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Normally it's really hard to hear anything positive from a YouTube video, but that sounded really good.  :thumb:
Thanks!  The system did sound very good even with the 30 year old MG10/QR's.  They really need the servo subs and DSP crossover to integrate them with correct time delay.

Next time I should try my Ambisonic surround sound mic for a recording test. :o


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« Reply #27 on: 14 Nov 2023, 03:59 pm »
Hi Rich.

It was great to meet you in person and hearing your system. I was impressed with what you were able to get out of those old MG10s and the integration with the subs is the best I've heard with maggies. I look forward to working with you to develop a crossover for my system.

I'm busy with travel and the holidays for the next several weeks but will follow up with you in December.

Congrats on a great show.




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« Reply #28 on: 20 Nov 2023, 12:42 pm »
Thank you for coming all that way and glad you enjoyed the system for CAF!

Yes, the 30 year old MG10/QR's needed a lot of rework for the improved sound quality that everyone heard with the 4x8 servo subs.  There is even DSP processing and main speaker time delay for the servo subs to accomplish the system integration. 

Just further proof of what modern DSP processing with HiRez DAC's are capable of doing for music reproduction.

I think you will be very happy with the results with your system once it is working with the dspNexus 2x8.  I have some history lessons with that speaker design at Danny's.



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Some comments on ASR about 1/2 way down the thread about the HAL room at CAF 2023:



Re: HAL at CAF2023
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Greg Weaver's coverage of CAF 2023 and the HAL room: