Ear buds for critical listening

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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #20 on: 8 Aug 2023, 05:03 pm »
  My JBL Endurance Peak 3 arrived by courier this morning. Once out of the box it took about 1/2 hour to setup.
Initially did not have buds seated in my ear correctly and sounded tinny, positioned correctly they sound normal.
Using the same app for the JBL 130NC switched to Endurance Peak 3 and it upgraded the software. Using EQ mode I have saved 5 settings but preferring my EQ setting that I used for the JBL 130NC. I don't find the bass overwhelming, sounds pretty much like the JBL 130NC. Volume level seems to be the same and also depends on volume of the recording.
  Seats securely on my ears, don't feel like they want to work loose and I don't feel any discomfort with my glasses resting over top at this point.
  Can't speak for longevity of this product but I am happy with this product at this time. 8)


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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #21 on: 9 Aug 2023, 01:54 am »
1. What source are you using for the AZ60s? I ask because they support LDAC, Sony's proprietary Bluetooth codec, and if you are using an Android phone that might help a bit with the fidelity.

2. Have you left the AZ60s on the default equalization or used the app to make adjustments?

I found that getting memory foam tips transformed the comfort and sound of my Airpods Pro, although it sounds as if the fit is good in this case.

I have Apple so no LDAC here. Is it that much better? I tweaked the eq a little in the app.
I started with Amazon music and now I’m in Qobuz free trial. Sounds better to me.
 Are the tips good for all buds?


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #22 on: 9 Aug 2023, 09:13 pm »
I use Apple devices as well, so I've never tried LDAC. On paper, LDAC should be less compressed (less information thrown out in Bluetooth transmission). However, I have never compared the two. It's a good sign that you like them so much using AAC (the Apple Bluetooth codec).

Here's some information on Bluetooth that discusses differences between the codecs: https://www.soundguys.com/understanding-bluetooth-codecs-15352/

The memory foam tips that I got were designed to fit my Airpods specifically, but on Amazon, you can find options that should fit most types. If the AZ60s are comfortable, then there's no need to experiment. For me, the Airpods do not seal and stay put very well with the stock tips.


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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #23 on: 15 Nov 2023, 02:57 am »
Picked up a pair of Earbuds Anonymous earbuds a bit back. Crazy how good they sound, has been my go to for when I am taking dog out for walks. Or at work when I want to listen inconspicuously. $50 well spent!


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #24 on: 20 Dec 2023, 08:20 pm »
I really like the Jabra line of ear buds.  I'm on my second pair.  Great wireless performance and noise cancelation for commuting.  EQ ap on your iPhone to fine tune / EQ them.

I also bought a set of Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds with the intention of using them for exercise and bike rides as they have ear loops to hold them on.  Unfortunately they don't seal in my ear canels very well and let too much wind and ambient noise in to enjoy them. Plus, no noise canceling technology.  Now looking into getting custom fit ear molds to hopefully make these work as intended.



Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #25 on: 21 Dec 2023, 05:33 am »

I really like Final Audio and AG in ear monitors.

Cheers Rod


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #26 on: 21 Dec 2023, 01:33 pm »
  I gave my brother JBL Tune Buds for his 65th birthday. He was blown away by the sound quality not expecting that kind of performance from wireless ear buds and not being an audiophile. He is very happy now!


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #27 on: 3 Feb 2024, 07:02 am »
    Call me naive but I just discovered I have 3 equalizers on my Samsung A13 Smart phone while listening to my JBL earbuds.
Last night while listening something was not quite right with my right earbud. Did it quit working or did I damage my hearing in my right ear or was it Cell phone reception?
  So playing around with my phone and earbuds I discovered that I have an equalizer On in the Amazon app, the phone app and the JBL app. So I adjusted 'em all to try and find the optimal sound. In addition to that I found I could adjust the sound on the phone to compensate for my aging ears 60+ and I found the balance control and moved the slide bar slightly to the right to how I'm hearing the music.
  I think I found the optimal sound for my ear buds may need some slight tweaking as I adjust to the new settings. :smoke:

nature boy

Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #28 on: 3 Feb 2024, 11:48 pm »
I have a pair of Nura Pro BT earbuds. Thoroughly enjoyable, first Bluetooth IEM's that sound really good to my ears. Great battery life too. Looks like they are now building exclusively for Denon.



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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #29 on: 4 Feb 2024, 03:51 pm »
It does seem that everyone are making earbuds these days.
I've been reading about Status Between earbuds. Some are saying very good things about them.
Anyone have these and can share their impressions?


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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #30 on: 8 Feb 2024, 06:27 pm »
I've completely switched to IEMs after buying an Edition XS, nothing wrong with it, I just prefer the smaller stuff.
Own a Moondrop Variations and Xenns Up right now

So I was very surprised when I found myself enjoying my Linkbuds S, I honestly thought they would be far behind wired options but they're pretty good


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #31 on: 12 Mar 2024, 05:15 pm »
  It's been a complete mystery to me why my JBL IEM right earbud volume cuts out when out on the road, but when at home works fine. I talked to a guy who is also using an older model of JBL and has the same problem. So I switched back to using my Yamaha's which doesn't have Ambient Aware which is important if you are driving. They IMO are as good as the JBL's now that I found the equalizer on my Samsung A13, I'm using the Jazz setting. I find with some equalizer settings the high frequencies if not rolled off sound harsh and ear piercing. And I gots to have bass with vibe!
   Now I'm debating with myself if I should purchase the Bose Ultra earbuds for my birthday, $350 CDN. The reviews are positive except that they may not play as loud as I would like and therefor not play at the volume that I like to listen at. Then there is the sound leakage. I'm thinking though these would be good for when using my exercise bike if I ever get on it. :smoke:


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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #32 on: 12 Mar 2024, 08:20 pm »
Etymotic is my casual earbud.  Unique Melody Mest earbuds are my reference level earbuds.


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #33 on: 13 Mar 2024, 10:10 pm »
  Okay, after watching numerous videos on Youtube. I decided on Huawei Freeclip open ear buds, for my birthday present.
I have two concerns though, bass may not be to my liking and it'll look like I got my ears pieced. :nono:
However I figure these will be perfect for when I'm driving. I need to hear the road environment when driving as well as conversing with passengers. Buttons are straight forward for operation and answering the phone and they will stay secure on my ears.
Will post an update after I get them and have tried 'em out.


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Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #34 on: 14 Mar 2024, 02:52 pm »
Those look very interesting.
Let us know what your impressions are when you have them.
Still loving my Technics but looking ahead for the next level up.


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #35 on: 14 Mar 2024, 07:14 pm »
  I have the JBL Endurance Peak 3 which are an Open ear design. The problem with these is I cannot reach my desired volume level so they don't sound as good as my Yamaha or JBL IEM.
  My intuition tells me that Huawei FreeClips will have good sound quality and reach my desired volume. They say these are not for audiophiles, but I suspect this is because external noise and not the driver.
  If I am wrong I wasted my money.


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #36 on: 18 Mar 2024, 11:03 pm »
   After anxiously waiting, my Huawei Open Ear FreeClip buds have arrived.:hyper:
Initial impressions: Buds paired easily on Bluetooth with the push of the button on charging case and holding it for a second or two. Do not have the Huawei App, instead use the settings on my Samsung Galaxy A13. Using the Equalizers on both the A13 and Amazon Mobile App. Connection speed on Amazon App is HD/Ultra.
  Okay these can play plenty loud, I was able to drown out the volume of my tv. Will they drown out road noise? I hope to go out tonight and find out. Sound leakage I'm not able to determine as I live alone and when I took them out of my ears they default to pause, not a problem for me however.
  The sound IMO overall spectrum is a balanced clean articulate sound. This means the bass as well even with low frequencies boosted. I was not able to get deep heavy bass vibe on music like Black Sabbath or Thin Lizzy. On Grand Funk- Into the Sun, sounded marvelous.
  The sound quality is high quality audiophile grade, just lacks bass vibe that my JBL Tune 130NC can produce.
May post an Update after I wear them on the road for a few hours with higher noise floor.


Re: Ear buds for critical listening
« Reply #37 on: 20 Mar 2024, 12:19 pm »
  After 15 hours of playing time the bass on my Huawei FreeClip has opened up. I had the lowest frequency bumped up +12, I was getting some bass distortion on some songs so I bumped it back a notch, see how that works. With the bass opening up to my liking I have to say these buds dare I say are presenting recordings the most articulate I have ever heard 'em, money well spent. :singing:
  They also work well on the highway even with increase road noise. Sound goes around the sound ball, which is not affecting the clarity, just more noise hitting my ears. And I can hear my passengers okay without having to pull a bud off my ear.
  For optimal sound you want the sound ball seated on your ear canal. So far it works for me having the rest bean on my ear lobs and fits snugly. Everyone has different ears so YMMV. Perhaps when the stem loosens they won't stay put, time will tell.