Aural Enlightenment 2, a Two-channel Audio System by Big Red Machine

Room Size
12.5 feet wide, 9 ft high, 32 feet deep
System Overview
New digs and a side by side two channel and HT rack set-up. Concentration is fully on the two channel and I am achieving very high levels of performance after months of testing and tweaking.
Music Preferences
Anything except rap, country, and the standard fair poorly recorded R&R.
Room Description
Lots of windows to deal with and not much wall area for treatment so I applied heavy doses of diffusors in the drop ceiling and front wall. Works very well in bringing the sound out onto your ears from the sides.
Acoustic Treatment
Diffusion and more diffusion.
Listening Impressions
Exceptional clarity with no boominess.
Media Storage
HAL MS-2 windows 8 music server and JRiver.
Other Comments
I don't allow the HT gear to pollute the 2 channel sound, so no HT bypass for me. I connect the HT speaker cables or 2 channel speaker cables as needed keeping the systems completely independent.
Digital Source
Chord Qute EX
Analog Source
Other Sources
Computer audio only
Signal Processors
TRL Dude
Power Amp
Wells Inamorata Electrocompaniet AW180 monos with Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX units hardwired in.
Salk Exotica 3 in Hyundai Pearl White with Copper baffles
Speaker Cable
Silversmith 8 foot silvers
Silversmith XLR's x 2
Power Cables
Acoustic Zen Tsunamis and Krakatoa, Synergistic, Harmonic Technology
Crap plywood while in this rental house, no room for my Adonna Racks
Power Cond
Audio Magic XXX (the new dark plexi version) with Furutech GTX golds and rhodiums and one Afterburner duplex
Tuning and Tweaks
Audio Magic PEAs (3X), Kemp QRTs, Gen Zx
Other Components
IFi sub device, linear power supplies