Audio, a Two-channel Audio System by recsq

Room Size
26 x 20 x 7
System Overview
This is a work in progress and it is starting to really shine. I would have more if I didn't have to bribe my wife prior to each purchase (smile).
Music Preferences
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Gospel, a little Classical
Room Description
Finshed basement
Digital Source
Jolida JD-100 with Sylvania 5751 gold pins
Analog Source
Project Debut II in Yellow
Odyssey Tempest with hunter green face plate and remote
Power Amp
Odyssey Stratos Stereo Extreme in burgandy
Van L Speakerworks Quartet, with Polycrystal spikes
Speaker Cable
Gronenberg Quattro Ref biwired
Groneberg Quattro Reference, Pure Note Audio Reference
Power Cables
Signal Magic Power (on amp and pre) and Magic Digital Power HC (cdp)
Antique Sound Labs MG Head DT / OTL MK III Headphone Amp,Grado SR-60
Standard 6 shelf rack with spikes, Vibrapods, Mapleshade Surefoots, Superspikes,AUDIO ONE 4-PORT REFERENCE 20 amp ac power strip
Tuning and Tweaks
Hubble outlets, DIY magic bricks, Foam by mail bass traps, & DIY echo busters
Other Components
Emotiva UL's, Definitive Technology UIW 75 fronts & center, UIW 65 surrounds, UIW 64 rear surrounds, super cube II, Rocket OD100, Toshiba HD-A2, Sony Model: BDPS300 Vizio 50” Plasma Belden in wall speaker cable, Kimber, HGA, Signal, Monster, Blue Jean, AR, and Illumination, LenoxPro HDMI cables