DAC-9 and SRC

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DAC-9 and SRC
« on: 28 Aug 2023, 08:54 pm »
Ever since I have my Stream-9 I have had some questions about SRC on the DAC-9.

The documentation for the Stream is clear about SRC, what it does and when it does it. The documentation for the DAC-9 just mentions that the DAC-9 contains a SRC IC but gives no further information.

Does SRC in the DAC-9 take whatever samplerate I send to it and converts that to some fixed samplerate before sending the data to the DAC chip (AKM4490)?
What is that samplerate? (the datasheet for the AKM4490 states that the maximum samplerate it can handle is 768kHz)
Is there any difference between sending PCM or DSD to the DAC-9?