One more time - The last amp rotation. Kismets in Khartago chassis.

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I think it was a year or more ago I realized I’m gettin old.  I know I’ve lost noticeable hearing on the left side and probably some on the right.  So I contacted Klaus and let him know that I would be in the market one more time.
My system at the time was the Kismet mono integrated amp (Candela pre built into the Kismet chassis with a single channel power amp and external power supply) and the other channel a Kismet in Khartago chassis.  I have gone to a Rogue 99 Magnum pre and don’t use the integrated pre at all.
Speakers are the big Liquids.

Time and a few phone calls pass.

Last night I met Klaus on his way through town and was delivered a pair of Kismet mono’s in Khartago chassis.  I know these have the monster trannies and I believe the big caps.  First time ever I didn’t pop the tops for a photo session.  Hooked em up.  These are trade ins so already broken in but these need a few days of power on to reach full potential.

I really did not expect much of a difference but upgrades + proper bias and perfect balance makes a difference!

Imaging is mind blowing.  Speakers just don’t exist.  It’s just sound stage.
Upper registers are cleaner and clearer and I didn’t think that possible- I was perfectly happy with that aspect on the old system.  Bass is just effortless.

To top it off Klaus called today to check in on me and insure everything was satisfactory.  And products from Odyssey Audio always are!!  He said to give a few days and the holographic imaging will start to appear as the caps and trannies get acclimated.

I am and always will be grateful for the work Klaus and family do.

Thank you!!!   :beer:


The rig:


Nice looking setup!

Don P


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That's a great way to care for your hearing with new amps and speakers from Odyssey! :D


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Awesome system!


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I have almost the same rig and also a hearing deficit. Mostly the highs abandon you as you age, which surprises my friends when  I played them a Test CD with all the frequencies. Basically, the above 8k is gone. But a hearing test is a MUST. A SOLUTION is a HEARING AID, and for me the best was MIRACLE AID (no relationship  with them). I regained some highs. Oh, how I envy Klau’s hearing. We have to clone this man.
BEST ADVICE: invest in BASS, where Klaus equipment delivers in spades.

Eduardo AAVM

That's a good looking system. Congratulations !

Kismets in Khartago chassis are the best value of teh best value, unmatchable !