EA dspNexus 2x8 demo complete

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EA dspNexus 2x8 demo complete
« on: 7 May 2023, 12:30 am »
Took the Early Adopter dspNexus 2x8 today to a friends house that built his speakers and uses the last version DEQX DSP crossover for the speakers and Behringer DCX2496 for his distributed subs.  The room is acoustically treated and sounds great!

Made a version of his DSP crossover design for the dspNexus 2x8 and put it in his system after first listening to the original setup.  The dspNexus 2x8 replaced both the DEQX and DCX2496 as he needed 8 channels to run his system.  The speaker in room response EQ was running with the time delays for his system as in use before. 

Started the system up with the prototype DSP crossover and it already made real improvements in both definition of voices without any edginess.  Ran Foobar2000 on the laptop with his test tracks and everything was clean and had great soundstage and depth.  The speaker did not exist, just music! :)

Now back to HAL HQ and finish the Magnetar II speakers for LSAF 2023 June 2-4 in Dallas, TX.  Time to show more people what modern DSP Audio technology can do.  :)