Stream-9 problem with playlists including music in different technical quality

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When streaming a qobuz playlist with music of different technical quality, cd quality and hi-res, the stream-9 in some cases stops producing sound.
Using the omnia app, I can see, the problem occurs each time a title in hi-res comes after music in cd quality.
No problem if sound quality does not change between titles, and no problem when cd quality comes after hi-res!
According to the omnia app, the music continues, but no sound produced. Pressing pause and play again, sound is resumed.

Strange, but annoying problem.

The streamer is running the most current firmware.


We will report this to the developer. Can you assist us to isolate the problem with the following tests?
1) CD, CD, ....., then HiRes, HiRes, HiRes, .....    Does it miss the first switch to HiRes but then locking on the 2nd HiRes ?
2) CD, HiRes, CD, HiRes, CD, HiRes            Can't hear HiRes at all or some ?


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Answer to case 1) it always misses the switch from cd to hires. The second hires is also not played, but the third plays.
Case 2) no hires at all. The first hires after cd is never played in any of my tests. But cd after hires is always played.


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I have the same problem with my Stream-9.

Could you please advise if there will be a solution any time soon?



We have a solution (problem with switching between CD and hi-res format) but implementing it would result in lossing AirPlay function.
Please email if you want to download the firmware.