HAL MS-5 S/PDIF output upgrade

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HAL MS-5 S/PDIF output upgrade
« on: 6 Feb 2021, 08:43 pm »
Had the request from some customers to have a direct S/PDIF connection on the HAL MS-5 and it is now in shipping.

Have been able to get an S/PDIF coaxial output connection to the MS-5 motherboard wiring modification made.  This includes a replacement back panel with the RCA connector mounting hole added to replace the original plate.

This will give 16bit/44.1KHz to 24bit/96KHz output via S/PDIF for DAC's that have that connection.  No adapter is needed to go from USB to S/PDIF as the motherboard supports S/PDIF directly.

The MS-5 upgrade is $40 + shipping.  I can install the mod if the MS-5 is shipped to me, but the customer will pay return shipping.  It can be included in a new MS-5 build as well.