Sonore Audiobyte DIY USB-I2S Interface- Problem with DSD256

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Hello all.

A few years ago I built a tube output DAC using the Sonore USB-I2S board and a Buffalo IIISE DAC, with tube output stage (26, then converted to UX-201A). It has worked great for everything I've thrown at it, SPDIF directly to the Buffalo or USB through the Sonore from Foobar2000. All PCM formats and DSD64 and DSD128 work well through the Sonore. However...

I've recently been attempting to play native or converted DSD256 through the Sonore, and no matter what settings I use on the computer (Dell Inspiron with Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, Windows 10) I get this error message:

"Unrecoverable playback error: Could not start ASIO playback"

I've tried various versions of Foobar from the latest back to 0.9.4 and 0.9.6, tried with and without the DSD Processor plugin, with and without the DSD Transcoder, 32bit and 64bit, pretty much all the combinations.

Yesterday I saw on the Sonore "discontinued products" page a description of the unit that says:
"The Sonore USB to I2S interface is a high-performance DXD/DSD128 capable asynchonous USB interface..."

Does the above mean it is NOT capable of playing native DSD256 and DSD512 despite what the initial product literature said?

I'm frustrated and a little confused...any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Sonore Audiobyte DIY USB-I2S Interface- Problem with DSD256
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I've managed to get DSD256 to play using the latest version of Foobar, Foo-SACD and DSD Transcoder, so no question the Sonore board works with the higher rate DSD. Foobar however, on my Windows 10 PC is a buggy piece of trash. It crashes left and right, disconnects in the middle of playing, throws error message about input and output processes terminating, etc. I'm done with it. Time to move on.