Sonore Analog Attenuator - stereo unbalanced analog input and output

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  • the sound has to be in concert with the music....
    • Sonore by Simple Design

The Sonore Analog Attenuator is a passive volume control with virtually no noise or distortion, implemented by a stepped attenuator with 47 steps of 1.5 dB each. Featuring ultra low noise, 0.5% precision resistors, a Swiss made gold contact rotary switch, high-quality gold plated RCA jacks, internally wired with single crystal copper wire in teflon insulation, with an 18 gauge pure silver ground bus for low impedance ground return.

High-quality gold RCA connectors
High-quality internal interconnect wire
Precision resistors
Swiss made switch
Noise-free operation
Excellent L/R channel signal level matching
Includes two rubber isolation bands

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