The Monoliths/Super Mini speaker baffle kit sale is complete

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HAL has stock of planar drivers to build 5 pairs of The Monoliths/Super Mini baffles.  Jay has parts for 5 pairs of planar baffles.  These will be glued up.  GR-Research and Parts-Express do not have stock of BG NEO10 planars and an indeterminant delivery time for replacements.

The kit will contain the glued latest version of the planar open baffles, two GR-NEO3, two BG NEO10 and 16 brass wood screws for installing the drivers.

The kits firm cost is $2075.00+shipping,  The first 5 customers who sign up in this thread get them.  I will discuss any info as well, but sign up here.

Danny has passive crossover kits available for sale.  Contact him directly for cost.  HAL has stock of dspMusik 2x8 digital crossovers and they add $2000.00 to the cost programmed for the 3-way active The Monoliths crossover.

The baffles can be finished and that cost is added per speaker pair.  Finished as my first pair, the added cost is $1000.00.

I will not sell planar drivers, passive crossovers or baffles.

Please let me know interest.

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Re: The Monoliths/Super Mini speaker baffle kit sale.
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The GR-NEO3/BG NEO10 planar open baffle kit sale will go through this weekend on Sunday, 10/12/2019.


Re: The Monoliths/Super Mini speaker baffle kit sale is complete
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The planar baffle sale is over.  They will go back to the full The Monoliths kits for customers.

Thanks for looking.