Living Room, a Two-channel Audio System by matt12v

Living Room
System Overview
Patched together system. Under Construction. Looking to upgrade 10" woofers and subwoofer.
Digital Source
PC w/ M-Audio 2496 sound card, Jukebox program w/ remote 15
Other Sources
Stanton STR-80
Power Amp
Amp 1: Modded Sonic Impact T-amp (Tweeters) Amp 2: Modded Sonic Impact T-amp (Mids) Amp 3: Niles SI-245 (Woofers)
Tweeters: Aurasound NT1 (Coaxially mounted with B&C Mid) 3-20Khz | Mids: B&C 6MD38 420hz-3Khz | Woofers:Pioneer 10" 20-420hz
Klipsch powered 10