My HT Room, a Home Theater System by lord_glum

My Ht room - All GR research. This is an old pic
Room Size
17 x 14
System Overview
All GR Research System 2 A/V 3's floor standing 1 A/V 3 sealed 2 A/V 1's 2 A/V 1 RS on the wall for rear surrond 12" w/Passive Radiator Onkyo Receiver Xbox 360 Wii PS3
Movie Preferences
i watch anything. Lots of anime.
Room Description
all DIY room...framed, drywalled, tiled and wired by us.
Acoustic Treatment
Notta. Bit o carpet.
Media Storage
Stand alone PC linked to da xbox
Other Comments
I built all the speaker, A/V racks and storage racks. Oh and the tables too. Love the flexy...I may have 1 of the worlds only flexy DVD rack.