What is the MEGAschino Cherry ?

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Re: What is the MEGAschino Cherry ?
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The 1200AS2 about 70 kHz at -3 dB. With this trick -like many others amps- increases SNR. Well, 70 kHz is a good compromise, bandwith greater than other class D amps.

Class D poweramp with great efficiency and bandwith <- very good engineering here.
Thanks for the compliment, but it's important to note the difference between SONICS and specifications.  Yes, we have great specs, but our primary concern is sound qualityHave you read the first post on this thread?


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Re: What is the MEGAschino Cherry ?
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The sound quality is subjective, the specs do not. When I commented on the great improvement in the sound of my cheap tweaked KEF Q100 coaxial speakers, diyers do not believe it or do not want to believe it because it is subjective so it does not make sense to argue about it.

I had not read it. At that time I was more aware of other things: how to solve/reduce my very great problems at home: DC, high voltage, noise, RF/EMI interferences...

Your amplifiers meet the necessary conditions to have an excellent sound, it is the only thing I can say without having heard them.