Main System, a Two-channel Audio System by Jaytor

Line Forces with Quad Subs
Room Size
System Overview
Over the past few years, I've really gotten into doing DIY, so a large portion of my system is home built. I abandoned vinyl in the early 90's when I was moving a lot and got tired of moving all the albums, setting up the TT, etc. so I am digital only. Love streaming though.
Music Preferences
Jazz, folk, classic rock, blues, electronic. I really like vocals in particular.
Room Description
My main system is in the basement with Travertine over slab. The walls in the front (speaker) half of the room are cinderblock. The back of the room is conventional drywall.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY tube traps in the front corners (behind speakers). ATS quadratic residue diffusors (96 sq ft) behind the speakers, 2" thick acoustic panels on the walls to the side of the speakers. GIK 4" art panels with scatter plates on the side walls further back. GIK ceiling cloud. Heavy wool area rug.
Listening Impressions
My system now has fabulous full range sound with a deep, wide soundstage. The system is neutral to warm, with a somewhat forward midrange (which is to my liking). Very articulate.
Media Storage
Hard drives.
Digital Source
SGC SonicTransporter i9 Optical -> Sonore Signature Rendu SE -> Denafrips Gaia -> Denafrips Terminator Plus.
DIY fully balanced JFET/MOSFET with relay-switched stepped attenuator. Shunt regulation. Separate single-ended outputs for subs. Separate power supply chassis.
Power Amp
DIY 300B Parallel SET featuring WE (new issue) tubes.
GR-Research Line Force open-baffle planar magnetic line arrays. DIY crossovers using Miflex KPCU caps, copper foil inductors, Path resistors.
GR-Research open-baffle servo subs with four drivers per tower. Rythmik HX800 amps.
Speaker Cable
Kimber Select KS-3035
Iconoclast 4x4 UPOCC balanced cables
Power Cables
DIY helix construction using Neotech OCC solid core copper in teflon.
Solid Tech Hybrid
Power Cond
PS-Audio Power Plant P15
Other Components
Audioquest Diamond USB cable, Tubulus Argentus i2s cable